Vellúa / Ciwan Haco & Haval Haco in the Studio
Vellúa Announces Collaboration with Ciwan Haco: Reviving the Golden Era of Ciwan’s Music!

We are excited to share a remarkable piece of news that’s set to delight fans of traditional Kurdish music: the esteemed Kurdish singer Ciwan Haco is joining forces with vellúa! This...

Dezember 23, 2021

Heckle Poster
Vellúa on a British thriller movie!

Vellúa has entered the global movie world for the first time The movie called „Heckle“ directed by Martyn Pick is in post-production and has the following cast: Clark Gable III Steve...

Dezember 20, 2020

Ancient Echo Reviewed
Review on Vellúa’s NEW EP „Ancient Echo“

Ancient Echo by Vellúa is one part of a two EP project This is music that roams over the world and incorporates sounds from Iran, India, Armenia and Africa to name a few places It also has a strong...

Juli 30, 2020

Ciwan Haco is back again!

With the brand new single called “Ev Jiyan” Vellúa produced a song with Ciwan Haco This is the first collaboration between the famous Kurdish singer and the world music project producers Haval...

Juli 21, 2020

K2K Radio London
Vellúa Interview with K2K Radio London

Maha Rahwanji interviews the brothers Haval and Joe Haco and features tracks from both albums „Vellúa was created by two brothers passionate about their music, one residing in Sweden and the...

Juni 16, 2020

Ancient Echo – Chapter 1
New Album „Ancient Echo“ finished by Vellúa

Vellúa just finished their new Album called Ancient Echo and announced the release date Read more here:...

Mai 20, 2020

Denez Prigent
Collaboration with famous singer Denez Prigent

Vellúa is currently collaborating with the famous world musician Denez Prigent, who has worked with Ridley Scott and Hans Zimmer on movie soundtracks The song will be released in the near future as...

Mai 1, 2020

Djembe Vellúa Haval Haco
World Fusion Album Review: „Portrait of Souls“ by Vellúa

Portrait of Souls is an album created by brothers Joe and Haval Haco (along with a variety of collaborators) It weaves a musical tapestry that melds elements of music from the Middle East, Eastern...

April 21, 2020

Aural Aawakenings Top 25 of January 2019
Top 25 Albums of January 2019

Presented in alphabetical order by artist name Artist – Album & Buy Link – Record Label2Cellos – Let There Be Cello – Sony MasterworksAcoustic Ocean – Blue Moon...

Februar 13, 2019