We are excited to share a remarkable piece of news that’s set to delight fans of traditional Kurdish music: the esteemed Kurdish singer Ciwan Haco is joining forces with vellúa! This collaboration isn’t about breaking new ground; it’s a heartfelt return to the roots, a revival of the authentic Ciwan Haco style that enchanted the kurdish community in albums like „Bilûra Min“, „Dûrî“, and „Derya.“

Ciwan Haco, a luminary in the Kurdish music scene, has been instrumental in shaping the sound and soul of Kurdish music since the 1980s. His early works, characterized by their deep emotional resonance and adherence to Kurdish musical traditions, have left an indelible mark on the hearts of his listeners. Now, in partnership with vellúa and its talented producers, Haval and Joe Haco, Ciwan is set to rekindle the magic of his most celebrated era.

This collaboration with vellúa, known for its respect for musical heritage, aligns perfectly with Ciwan’s artistic vision. Haval and Joe Haco, with their deep understanding of Ciwan’s musical journey, are the ideal partners to help bring this vision to life. Together, they aim to recreate the essence of Ciwan’s classic style, blending his timeless melodies with the purity and simplicity that originally captured the world’s attention.

Ciwan Haco’s fans are thrilled with this announcement, seeing it as a return to the authentic sound that they fell in love with. This collaboration is viewed as a homage to Ciwan’s legendary works, a chance for new generations to experience the beauty of Kurdish music in its most classic form.

We invite you to join us in this nostalgic journey back to the roots of Ciwan’s music. With Ciwan Haco at the helm, supported by vellúa’s production expertise, we are set to relive the golden days of albums like „Bilûra Min“, „Dûrî“, and „Derya“. Stay tuned for a musical experience that promises to be both timeless and deeply touching.