With the brand new single called “Ev Jiyan” Vellúa produced a song with Ciwan Haco. This is the first collaboration between the famous Kurdish singer and the world music project producers Haval Haco & Joe Haco. The lyrics are written by Joe & Haval’s mother Gulîstan Haco and the artwork is created by their sister and main graphic designer Chawan Noller-Hajo (Haco) / www.chawan-design.de.

The style of music and the sound that Vellúa created for this song reminds of times when Ciwan had his musical peak in his lifetime career. The first thing that a Kurdish filmmaker said when he heard the song was: “Ciwan Haco is finally back again!”

The Vellúa producers dedicate this song to the Kurdish people, the victims of a brutal war, and a never-ending conflict but also to Paolo Vinaccia, an Italian jazz icon and an incredible drummer. For many years Paolo was an integral part of Ciwan Haco’s band, he passed away in 2019 in Norway. 

Through Paolo Vinaccia, Ciwan got in touch with other great norwegian musicians like Stein-Bullhansen, Bendik Hofseth, and Audun Erlien. They took Ciwans sound to the next level. A higher level of evolution in Ciwan’s music was achieved. 

Stein Bullhansen plays the Guitars in this song and Ole Jørn Myklebust is on the Trumpet. Ilia Mazya plays the Duduk. Hamed Torkaman is on the Setar and Andrei Skliarov on the Bass Guitar.